There are lots of dozen different species of opossum, which are often called possums in North America. The most significant is the Virginia opossum or common opossum--the only marsupial (pouched mammal) found in the United Areas and Canada. A male opossum gives birth to helpless young as very small as honeybees. Babies immediately crawl in to the mothers bag, where they continue to develop. As they get larger, they will go in and out of the pouch and sometimes riding on the single mothers back as she tracks for food. Opossums may give birth to as many as 20 newborns in a litter, but less than half of them survive. Some never even make it as far as the sack. Opossums are scavengers, and they frequent human homes or settlements to rezzou garbage cans, dumpsters, and other containers. They are attracted to carrion and can often be discovered near roadkill. Opossums also eat grass, nuts, and fruit. They may hunt rats, birds, insects, worms, dogs, and even chickens. These kinds of animals are most famous for playing possum. very well When threatened by pups, foxes, or bobcats, opossums sometimes flop onto their sides and lie on the ground with their eyes closed or looking fixedly into space. They will extend their tongues and generally appear to be dead. This ploy may put a predator off its guard and allow the opossum an possibility to make its escape. Opossums are excellent tree hikers and spend a lot of their time aloft. They can be made it easier for in this by sharpened claws, which dig into bark, and by a good prehensile (gripping) tail you can use as an extra arm or leg. Opossums nest in shrub holes or in play rooms manufactured by other animals.These kinds of animals are widespread and are occasionally hunted as food, particularly in the southern Usa.


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