Is Transamerica legit or not?It is so hard to differentiate between real and fake nowadays.In a world that thrives on dishonesty, without thought of the consequences, you can be set up for failure without a real chance to succeed.About Transamerica And Their Business ModelTransamerica is an insurance company that provides a real chance for any interested party to make money with it. Its main business model is joining a team and being able to earn commissions through the number of recruits and the sales numbers you produce.Transamerica is built on a multi-level marketing system with a couple of regulations to be followed. The basis of recruitment is somewhat similar to other multi-level marketing organizations.These include home presentations, as well as Internet marketing where your focus is wealth. To start promoting the business a recruit will then have to pay $100, and this is to be used as the processing fee, plus an extra of $300 for recruitment purposes.Money flows up the chain like a classic multi-level system, with the recruits recruiting new recruits, and just like that the cycle goes up. The main idea in this is to be able to focus on recruiting other member


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